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GTTH Solutions (Gigabit-To-The-Home)

Gigabit-To-The-Home (GTTH) FTTH Solutions

Bandwidth demand continues to increase, 100 Mbit/s is not longer enough to support both HD television and high speed Internet at the same time.

CATV operators and the incumbents are also increasing service speeds. In order to stay competitive and to meet the bandwidth demands, faster access is needed in broadband networks.
Gigabit-to-the-Home (GTTH) is a clear step forward, demonstrating how future-proof and superior fiber is compared to the aging copper infrastructure. However, bandwidth is not enough; the key to success requires support for the whole chain of service control.

Backed by innovative products and highly skilled workforce, Glocorp offers end-to-end solutions to customers in the telecommunication industry. Our solutions will improve cost performance, offer scalability, optimize bandwidth utilization offered to Network Operators, Retail, Health Care, Education, Financial, Corporate and Public venues.

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