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In-Building Fiber Connectivity Products


In-building Fiber Products
The DAS System is a simple three-stage system, constituting a Primary Hub (PH), Secondary Hubs (SH), and Remote units (RU). It utilises multimode or single mode fiber cable for connectivity. The proprietary technology features true wideband capabilities allowing unique simultaneous support for any wireless standard including 2G, 3G, LTE, PMR/LMR, DVB-H, TETRA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID etc. Full management control over this spectrum allows new services to be added on-demand without deploying additional system components.
• Primary Hub
• Secondary Hub
• Remote Units

In-building Fiber Products
In-building Fiber Products

• High-performance Broadband Router • Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator
• Advanced High-performance Aggregation Router • SFP Optical Devices
• Digital Residential Gateways • Virtual Management Tool

Fiber Products FX03
Fiber Products FX04
Fiber Products FX05

Fiber Test And Monitoring
• Fiber Lab • Optical Modulation • Network Monitor • Active Optic Equipment

Fiber Products FTM03
Fiber Products FTM04
Fiber Products FTM05

Our innovative and strong product portfolio offers high quality products that are effective in achieving maximum results whilst offering a very high degree of reliability. The products are designed for demanding networks, being future proof and highly advanced bringing best-of breed technology to the networks of South Africa.

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