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Broadband Management Products


The core of the Broadband Management Solution is software - BECS and BBE, which provide network element management, automation, control and service provisioning in a broadband network independent of the used access technology or access equipment.

BECSTM, Control and Provisioning System: a fleet element manager with automation, control and service provisioning capabilities.

BBE, Broadband Business Engine: efficient handling of business process in a broadband network. BBE is a modular tool and elements can be added according on demand.

The Modules Currently Available Are:
• BBE – Core
• BBE – SMT, Subscriber Management Tool: controlling the subscribers.
• BBE – HMT, Helpdesk Management Tool: fast troubleshooting.
• BBE – BMT, Billing Management Tool: efficient billing.
• BBE – TMT, Ticketing Management Tool: track and report service changes.
• BBE – SSP, Service Selection Portal: end-user service self-management and services on demand.

Broadband Management Products, Broadband Management Solutions

Our innovative and strong product portfolio offers high quality products that are effective in achieving maximum results whilst offering a very high degree of reliability. The products are designed for demanding networks, being future proof and highly advanced bringing best-of breed technology to the networks of South Africa.

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